2019 Rugby World Cup

Rugby World Cup 2019 Japan

Watch the 2019 Rugby World Cup

Both THE FooTNiK EBISU and THE FooTNiK OSAKI are showing the 2019 Rugby World Cup LIVE!

Mostly, there is no charge for watching games at THE FooTNiK, but matches that are expected to be very crowded may have a charge (includes a drink), this will be clearly indicated on our schedule.

Check our SCHEDULE to see which branch is showing your game and then come along and enjoy!

If you want to avoid standing, all live games have pre-bookable “Promise Seats”. See below for further details.


RWC Quarter Final Japan vs South Africa 10/20 (Sun)
19:15 Kick-Off!!

Doors Open: EBISU . OSAKI 15:00
★ Entrance Fee: 3,000 Yen (incl. 2 drinks)
* Covers 2 games
This game cannot be pre-booked, so just come on the day↑
* Once our maximum capacity has been reached we cannot admit more guests, sorry.
* We recommend customers come early to avoid disappointment. Thank you for your understanding.

* Promise Seats
(15:00 until end of Japan vs South Africa game) *2 games are included

EBISU: 34 seats . OSAKI: 33 seats
5,000 Yen (incl. 2 drinks)
* Special Promise Seat price for these games.
* Apologies if we are sold out when you try to book.

Japan vs South Africa Promise Seat Reservation Status
EBISU: 6 Seats Available  OSAKI: 4 Seats Available *BOOK HERE
*Availability may change owing to cancellations, please check back.


Want to guarantee a Seat?

If you definitely want to sit down and not stand, then you can book a “Promise Seat”!

All live games have Promise Seats available for booking.

Promise Seats:
Pre-booked guaranteed seats
No need to stand!
No queue! Just turn up minutes before game starts

CLICK HERE to book your Promise Seats!

Please check the Schedule on our HOMEPAGE for the game broadcast schedule.

Rugby World Cup 2019