About THE FooTNiK



Let's create a place where we can interact with people from all over the world through the language of football !!!

A place where people from all over the world can interact through the language of Football! On the opening day of the European Championship in England, June 8th 1996, British pub, THE FooTNiK, opened in Takadanobaba with this simple goal in mind.

The new (to Japan) idea of football fans gathering around big screens to watch matches was gaining in popularity, but it was in 1998 that the concept really took off when THE FooTNiK was besieged by mass media during the first round games of the France World Cup. As a result, our pub became widely known to football fans throughout Japan and to regular travellers to Japan.

In May 1997, the tradition-loaded English FA Cup, accompanied by former Liverpool star Ian Callaghan, was displayed in THE FooTNiK as a charity fund-raiser attracting international press, British radio, and dozens of football fans, both Japanese and British. Ever since then, THE FooTNiK has become a popular spot among Tokyo’s foreign community.

In 2001, we moved to larger premises in Ebisu and in 2007 opened a further pub in Osaki in ThinkPark Building.

THE FooTNiK has built a reputation as a great place to watch football in a convivial atmosphere. Certainly, on big match days, (FA Cup final, World Cup, Japan national team, Olympics, etc.), the pub is bursting with fans from the international community as well as home-grown Japanese fans. We have an extensive schedule of games and when live matches are shown (especially Saturdays’ English Premier League games), foreign and Japanese fans crowd the THE FooTNiK. Our Osaki branch (one stop from Shinagawa on the JR Yamanote Line), has a Futsal (5-a-side) court right on its doorstep, only one minute from the station, and players certainly appreciate a pint on our large outdoor terrace after their games.

However, it’s not all just football.

THE FooTNiK is a British pub, which, when first opened, was still a rather unknown concept in Japan. Being a British pub, tables are not assigned; it is easy for customers to mingle, making it no problem to come in alone and strike up a conversation. Some people like to play table football (Osaki) or cheer football on the big screens, or just hang out with friends. Many people with no interest in football have made our pub a regular spot, they come to enjoy the friendly atmosphere typical of British pubs and our managers and international staff do their very best to ensure everyone receives a very warm welcome. We have a full pub menu of British food and international dishes and many draft and bottled beers. In our branches we have regular Quiz nights, DJ nights and have hosted occasional dance and live music events; we offer party menus and our pubs can be booked for private functions.

To all football supporters and British pub devotees: come visit us!! Things really get lively here when big Premier League matches are shown. You’ll find the real taste of British football at THE FooTNiK. A pint or two – emotions soaring and falling as the game unfolds – it’s just great to watch a football match in a British pub!

Anyway, that’s all from Yuji, the owner of THE FooTNiK. I’ll continue making this a place for international exchange via football. THE FooTNiK should be – besides the stadium – your preferred venue for all things football!

Yuji Imai

Why The Name Is?

THE FooTNiK, why the name?

This is one of the most common questions we get (second only to “Can I have more beer, please, and some chips?).
The “FooT” part is easy… it’s a British Pub! Of course there’s football!
“NiK” isn’t as obvious. “Nik” is a Russian word meaning “related to”, “a companion to”, or “a lover of”. Famous examples are “Beatniks” (people of the ‘50s “Beat” Generation), “Refuseniks” (people refused permission to emigrate from the Soviet Union in the ‘60s), and of course, “Sputnik”, the very first satellite which literally translates as “co-traveller”.

What can we do at THE FooTNiK?

We’ve got great beer to drink, great food to eat and great atmosphere to soak up!
Like a local back in the UK, we are at the heart of the community, even one as big as Tokyo! We are a regular spot for post-work chat and catching up on local news. We run fun events you can share with friends. We help our customers raise funds for the charities they support. We have music and promotions and lots of sports including football. And of course, we have a warm welcoming atmosphere.
British pubs are very informal, basically come up to the bar counter, order a drink or some food, find a seat (share a table if those are the only seats available), in fact, why bother with a table? Just stand! It’s easier to chat!