Opened in 1996 as a place for people from around the world to interact
through the language of football! One of Tokyo’s oldest British pubs (and
Japan’s oldest British Sports pub!). We look forward to you visit!

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About THE FooTNiK

A place where people from all over the world can interact through the language of Football!
On the opening day of the European Championship in England, June 8th 1996, British pub, THE FooTNiK, opened in Takadanobaba with this simple goal in mind.

THE FooTNiK. Why the name?

This is one of the most common questions we get The “FooT” part is easy… it’s a British Pub! Of course there’s football! “NiK” isn’t as obvious. “NiK” is a Russian word meaning “related to”, “a companion to”, or “a lover of”. Famous examples are “Beatniks” “Refuseniks” and of course, “Sputnik”, the very first satellite which literally translates as “co-traveller”.

How to watch in store!

*Games with a "★" are subject to the following measures (currently J1 only)* *As you enter, use Alcohol Spray on your hands and fingers. *Your temperature...

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