Our British Pubs are located in Ebisu and Osaki, Tokyo.

Enjoy great food, drink and events in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

International Food, Vegan & Vegetarian Food*, Beer, Craft Beer and a wide menu of drinks and cocktails.

Big Screen. Live Sports, Quizzes and other Charity events.

*In Ebisu, vegetarian and vegan fried food is prepared using a fryer kept solely for this purpose.


English Pub In Tokyo FooTNiK Opening Hour
English Pub In Tokyo Football Live Game
What About Promise Seats?
What are Promise Seats?

Promise Seats are reserved seats that ensure you get a seat at live games (events).
☆Guarantee your comfort!
☆Forget coming early to grab your favourite spot!
☆Arrive moments before kickoff and still get a seat!
Promise Seats are available on a prepaid basis.

One person: ¥3,500 (includes 2 drinks)
Order from the available menu.

Sales and Reservations:
Reservations can be made for live games listed on our website schedule.
Reservations can be made as soon as the game is posted on the schedule on our website.

The deadline for online reservation and payment:
<Paying by credit card>* <Recommended>
*Please make a payment by credit card.
The application and payment will be completed at the same time: *Deadline: 10:00 a.m. on the day of the game.

Please read and agree to the following terms and conditions before applying.
☆Please note that no refunds, cancellations, nor changes in the number of people in your party are possible after payment has been made.
Promise Seat reservation deadline and food and beverage service details may vary depending on the event.
☆If there are extra seats available in the Promise Seat area on the day of the event, they will be made available for usual use with no additional charge.
Please note that there may be sharing of tables depending on the crowd.
Promise Seats are usually available from 30 minutes before the start of the event until the end of the game.
Customers cannot select specific seats.
☆In the unlikely event that the event cannot be televised due to various reasons, all fees will be fully refunded.


If you have any questions, please contact us.


Food menu

enjoy Interanation & British Food. Vegan and vegetarian options are available.

EBISU footnik food menu beer and vegan
OSAKI footnik food menu beer and vegan

Live and recorded broadcasts of football (soccer) and other sports, Promise Seats, Events and Charity Fundraisers. 

Check our event schedule for sports and events and other information here.

Live sports events: Entry is mostly on a first-come basis, but if you’d like to guarantee you get a seat, then you can reserve a Promise Seat.
Book and pay in advance and enjoy a guaranteed seat… even if you turn up a bit late!


2022 September

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
  • LIVE!!⚽Sapporo v C.Osaka@OSAKI
  • LIVE!!⚽Kashima v Urawa@EBISU
  • LIVE!!⚽Niigata v Oita @EBISU
  • LIVE!!⚽Hiroshima v Shimizu@OSAKI
  • LIVE!!⚽Fukuoka v Nagoya@OSAKI
  • LIVE!!⚽Everton v Liverpool@EBISU
  • LIVE!!⚽Everton v Liverpool @OSAKI
  • LIVE!!⚽Fiorentina v Juventus@Osaki
  • LIVE!!⚽Brentford v Leeds@EBISU
  • LIVE!!⚽Tottenham v Fulham @EBISU&OSAKI
  • LIVE!!⚽Kumamaoto v Omiya@EBISU
  • LIVE!!⚽Okayama vMachida@EBISU
  • LIVE!!⚽Brighton v Leicester@EBISU
  • LIVE!!⚽Man.Utd v Arsenal@EBISU
  • LIVE!!⚽Kanazawa v Nagasaki@OSAKI
  • Celtic v R.Madrid @EBISU&OSAKI
  • LIVE!!⚽C.Osaka v Hiroshima@EBISU
  • LIVE!!⚽Fukuoka v Kofu@EBISU
  • LIVE!!⚽Kobe v Kashima@OSAKI
  • LIVE!!⚽YokohamaF·M v Shonan@OSAKI
  • PSG v Juventus@ EBISU&OSAKI
  • Sevilla v Man.City @EBISU&OSAKI
  • Frankfurt v Sporting @EBISU&OSAKI
  • Napoli v Liverpool @EBISU&OSAKI
  • Tottenham v Marseille @EBISU&OSAKI
  • Inter v Bayern Munich @EBISU&OSAKI
  • Zurich v Arsenal @Ebisu&Osaki
  • Man.Utd v R.Sociedad @EBISU&OSAKI
  • LIVE!!⚽Niigata v Ryukyu@EBISU
  • LIVE!!⚽G.Osaka v FC Tokyo@EBISU
  • LIVE!!⚽Kobe v Nagoya@OSAKI
  • LIVE!!⚽Kyoto v Kashima@OSAKI
  • LIVE!!⚽Napoli v Spezia@ EBISU&OSAKI
  • LIVE!!⚽Bayern Munich v Stuttgart @EBISU&OSAKI
  • LIVE!!⚽R.Madrid v Mallorca @EBISU
  • Bayern Munich v Barcelona @EBISU&OSAKI
  • LIVE!!⚽Kobe v FC Tokyo@EBISU
  • LIVE!!⚽Kyoto v YokohamaF·M@OSAKI
  • LIVE!!⚽Nagoya v Kawasaki@OSAKI
  • LIVE!!⚽Kofu v Niigata@EBISU
  • Liverpool v Ajax @EBISU&OSAKI
  • Man.City v Dortmund @EBISU&OSAKI
  • R.Madrid v Leipzig @EBISU&OSAKI
  • LIVE!!🏉Australia v New Zealand @EBISU&OSAKI
  • Maccabi Haifa v PSG @EBISU&OSAKI
  • LIVE!!⚽Tosu v Kashima@OSAKI
  • LIVE!!⚽Iwata v C.Osaka @EBISU
  • LIVE!!⚽Nagoya v Hiroshima@OSAKI
  • LIVE!!⚽Shonan v Urawa@OSAKI
  • LIVE!!⚽Wolves v Man.City @EBISU
  • LIVE!!⚽Augsburg v Bayern Munich@OSAKI
  • LIVE!!⚽Stuttgart v Frankfurt@OSAKI
  • LIVE!!⚽Newcastle v Bournemouth @EBISU
  • LIVE!!⚽Mito v Niigata@EBISU
  • LIVE!!⚽Brentford v Arsenal @EBISU
  • LIVE!!⚽Everton v West Ham @EBISU
  • LIVE!!⚽C.Osaka v Urawa @EBISU
  • LIVE!!⚽Fukuoka v Hiroshima@OSAKI
  • LIVE!!⚽Nagasaki v Tochigi@OSAKI
  • LIVE!!⚽Japan v USA @EBISU
  • LIVE!!🏉New Zealand v Australia @EBISU&OSAKI
  • LIVE!!⚽Nagasaki v Yokohama FC@OSAKI
  • LIVE!!⚽Oita v Kofu@OSAKI
  • LIVE!!⚽Niigata v Omiya@EBISU
  • LIVE!!⚽Hiroshima v Fukuoka@EBISU
  • LIVE!!⚽Urawa v C.Osaka@EBISU
  • LIVE!!⚽Japan v Ecuador @EBISU&OSAKI
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What’s it like in THE FooTNiK?

Watch this video to find out!

Our commitment to healthy cooking

We aim to satisfy vegan and vegetarian diners.

Under Construction

About FooTNiK

THE FooTNiK opened in Takadanobaba, Tokyo on June 8, 1996, the opening day of the European Championships in England. We moved to bigger premises in Ebisu in 2001 and added Osaki in 2007.
THE FooTNiK is a British pub where you can enjoy great international food, including our excellent Fish & Chips, enjoy a wide-range of beers and craft beers along with a large drinks menu all served by our friendly staff. You can see a wide-range of sporting events and enjoy charity events in support of various charities.  Please come and enjoy our hospitality!

THE FooTNiK… Why the name?

The “FooT” part is easy! The world is united by its shared love of Football and other sports.
“NiK” is less clear. Nik has the meaning of “one who does”, “one who is passionate about”, “one who is off the beaten path”, “travelling companion”. Think about the  Beatniks of the 1950s united by their rejection of old norms. Or Sputnik, the first man-made satellite whose radio signal could be easily detected by amateur radio operators right across the world.

Proud to be members of the NFFF!

THE FooTNiK is an official member of the National Federation of Fish Friers (NFFF), which was founded in the UK in 1913. We take our Fish & Chips very seriously so we have joined the NFFF, the official body promoting excellence in the industry.

FooTNiK Gallery