Promise Seats  “Booking”

Guarantee your seat when watching
Premiership, Champions League, J-League, International football games, live broadcasts of all kinds of sports events.
★ Guarantee your comfort!
★ Forget having to come early to grab your favourite spot!
★ Arrive moments before kickoff and still get a seat!

1 Person: 3500 yen (incl. 2 drinks)
Order from the available menu.

Reservations can be made when event details are uploaded to The Footnik website.

How To Book & Pay.
In Shop:
Promise seats can be bought in shop branches up to the day before the event.
By Pay Pal:
BOOK by 18:00 on the day before the event.
PAYMENT by 23:59 on the day before the event.
By Bank Transfer:
Sat, Sun, Mon Events:
BOOK by 18:00 on the Thursday before event.
PAYMENT by 15:00 on the Friday before event.
Tue – Fri Events:
BOOK by 18:00 on the Sunday before event.
PAYMENT by 15:00 on the day before event.
National Holidays: Please pay by 15:00 on the last banking day before the event.

★Please choose between ‘By PayPal’ or ‘By Bank Transfer’★

We apologise if seats have already sold out when you try to reserve.
Sorry, we are unable to accept reservations by phone.

Please note:
Reservations can only be accepted in person or via our webpage.
Food & Drink menus may vary depending on type of event.
If on the day of the event not all seats have been reserved, then they are available for use on a first-come-first-served basis.
When events are busy we ask that customers share tables.
The Promise seat is guaranteed until the event ends.
However, if the seat has not been booked by another customer for the following event then you are able to continue using that seat.
We are sorry but customers cannot request specific seats.
If we are unable to televise the event then we will refund the reservation fee.
Team names written in Pink on our schedule denotes Promise Seat bookings are not possible.

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    Required: Game you'd like to watch.

    Optional: Your Favourite Team

    Required: Branch
    Ebisu BranchOsaki Branch

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    Required: Payment Method
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